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Travellers by rail reach the glacier village via Visp, and change into the post-car with direct destination "Saas-Fee".

When you arrive here in Saas-Fee please pick up your luggage at the luggage counter. Please call us on the number:
dial        +41 (0)27 957 34 08
mobile    +41 (0)79 688 13 72
Or outside of the busterminal you can find a phone box, where you can call us. We will come to pick you up with our electric car in order to bring you to your apartement. 

We wish you a good trip! Family Brunner Daniel

Saas-Fee is car-free. Private car travellers from the north approach via Bern through the Lötschberg (railway car ferry), from the east and south via the Furka and Simplon. From western Switzerland you reach Saas-Fee via Lausanne, and along the Rhone valley to Visp.
- Saas-Fee has a multistorey car park and an open car park. The parking fees are everywhere the same. Therefore we suggest that you use the multistorey car park.
- When arriving in Saas Fee, please enter the car park. On the transfer terminals A or B you may unload your luggage. Every column has its own number. Please memorize it!
- On certain columns you will find telephones. Please call us on the free number 027 957 34 08 and let us know your name and the number of the column where you put your luggage.
- Now please park your car in one of the storeys below and mesmerize the floor on which you park your car. Take the lift up to the terminal-floor and we will come to pick you up with our electric car in order to bring you to your apartment.
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